Bowling with Larry

By Jamie Goyman

“Well it is dance music, so I guess my number one aim is to get people moving.”

After setting pace as a DJ for 14 years, the step towards producing was just a natural progression for one of Vancouver’s most well-versed and best-loved names, Max Ulis. The growth and progression of Ulis’ work was inevitable when local DJ/producer/promoter Michael Red asked Max to join the Lighta! crew. “Being part of a group of like-minded DJs and producers can only help you develop as an artist,” Ulis explains. “Being around creative, inspired people keeps me going and keeps pushing the music forward.”

The sweet, subtle smack of two hands colliding between Max Ulis and Lorne Burlington was the earth-shattering moment in which their label, Tenpin (10Pin) Records, was launched. “Our main focus at 10Pin is to release forward-thinking, timeless music regardless of the genre.” And forward-thinking music is just what is in store for everyone in the coming months. Their first release, put out last month, saw tunes from the baron of lopsided skullcrackers, Vancouver’s Calamalka and a remix from Berlin’s (via Toronto) XI. “10Pin 002 is about to drop,” notes Ulis, “and features music from myself and Self Evident with remixes by Cedaa, Prison Garde and Hxdb. 10Pin 003 will feature Portland’s Danny Corn with a remix from a shit hot producer I won’t name quite yet and 10Pin 004 will feature Vancouver’s Taal Mala.” Clearly, the guys are alive and nowhere near lounging on this endeavour.

As if Ulis didn’t seem busy enough, he has yet another idea in the works, making up half of a new project: ‘Larry James.” Who is Larry James you say? “Larry James is a project I do with Ryan Trann, a.k.a. Secret Lover,” says Ulis. “We kept talking about making music over the course of a couple years and when we did finally sit down and work on music, the results were almost immediate. I am very excited about the project, I feel really good about the music.” Ulis is set to hit the Mutek Festival in Montréal for the second time in as many years, this time with Trann as “Larry James.” “We have a whole bunch of tunes that we have not played out before and it will be the perfect place to debut them.” We are excited!

For Ulis, the secrets to success are simple: “Sunshine, lots of sleep, some new pieces of gear that are getting me excited about new possibilities” and “comfortable socks.”

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