Armed with the upcoming release of a new full-length album, Born Gold are mounting a coup on the conventional approach to touring by unleashing I am an Exit on fans with a full-on, guerilla-style tour that literally puts them in living rooms of fans on an extensive house-show tour across North America.

While en route to Pop Montreal (one of the few overground appearances on the tour) Born Gold’s Cecil Frena took a few minutes to speak with BeatRoute about the tour and new album.

Frena describes I am an Exit as a culmination of his earlier work and conscious effort to concentrate on defined sensibilities. “It’s the bastard spawn of Bodysongs and Little Sleepwalker, put in private school. I really wanted it to be pop-oriented. Fundamentally, it’s directed toward immediacy. Everything on this record is more in service of the song.

“We wanted to start from the ground up with this new record coming out and just talk to the people that really care,” says Frena about touring the new record in unique settings. “House shows are my favourite shows. There’s no audience/performer divide, there’s no stage. It’s a super casual environment where you can interact with people, make new friends and engage with people that come to see you.”

Any strong insurgency draws the attention of the authorities and when I ask if any of the shows have been shut down, Frena points out the paramount rule to this kind of touring: “Never play a house show in an apartment.” He admits that the police have made several appearances, but that he’s been able to bring the situation under control. “I’ve never played a show where someone’s gotten a ticket. I’m pretty good at negotiating reasonably with the police. There’ve even been shows where the police just stayed and danced!”

I Am An Exit will be released October 8 via Hovercraft. Catch Born Gold at various house shows across North America, including at Dead Lobster (Winnipeg) on October 23 and at Rude Haus (Edmonton) on October 25.

By Levi Manchak

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