WW---Les-Jupes-Negative-Space-cover-600x600NEGATIVE SPACE – HEAD IN THE SAND

Winnipeg indie rock outfit, Les Jupes, released their latest album last month in the form of a short but punchy EP.

The album, entitled Negative Space — a possible dedication to the now deceased Winnipeg art space/venue by the same name — delivers four dark yet catchy songs that emphasize the band’s ability to compose music that is deliberate and well-crafted down to every last detail.

Negative Space provides a delicate mix of beautiful melodies, catchy hooks, and eclectic leads that come together to create a sound of epic proportions.  Michael Petkau Falk’s boomy baritone voice is perfectly contrasted by a female double that adds another dimension to the vocal line, while the lyrics themselves evoke emotion and leave nothing to be desired.

Overall, this album may be one of the best EPs to come out of Winnipeg this year, with the only downside being that, with only four tracks, the album ends far too soon. Luckily, the band has indicated that they currently have another album in the works with big name producer Marcus Paquin (The National, Stars). Hopefully this next album will help them to blaze a name for themselves, not only locally, but also across the country. Fans of bands such as the National and Reuben & the Dark should check this one out.

By Jenna Diubaldo

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