I spoke with Willie Dieminzzz, a.k.a. Will Zimmerman, of the electronica band Physical Copies over old fashioned cocktails. Him and Clint Frazier (both members of electronic group Shout Out Out Out Out) make up the duo.

I saw this pair perform the Saturday night of the Golden West Music Festival at the end of this summer and had not heard much about them prior to this show. I was blown away both by their live performance of beats and by the energy generated by the giant crowd dancing in front of the decrepit car stage.

After that show, I tried to find information online about these dudes, but only came across their Soundcloud. Before Golden West, they made a rad remix of the Lad Mags track, “You Don’t Love Me.” “We were always going to do something with the Lad Mags. Other collaborations didn’t work out. I started working on a remix for them,” explains Zimmerman. “We used what they had and restructured it.”

Expect to see more on their Soundcloud in the immediate future: “We have done a bunch of demoing and recording… I want to put it out there so people have a reference.” With plans to record this winter, Physical Copies should have their formalized recordings on a Bandcamp site (and perhaps a physical copy of these as well).

Prior to the formation of Shout Out Out Out Out, they were acquaintances from Edmonton’s punk scene. “We have been making music together just the two of us for a long time. Maybe half the time that Shout Out has been going, so four years,” recalls Zimmerman. They worked on another project together, called Real Fake Diamonds, with a third member, Johnny Olbey, who also played with Frazier in punk band The Franklins. Frazier and Zimmerman also worked on production and a performance of some of Gab ’n’s (a local rapper’s) material.

Like Shout Out, Physical Copies are also in the electronic dance realm. Frazier and Zimmerman write tracks together. Unlike their Real Fake Diamonds project, in Physical Copies, Fraizer plays drums live and triggers some electronics, while Zimmerman plays keyboards, bass and songs. “This kept us dancey, but really brought up those punk undercurrents in us,” notes Zimmerman. “Tracks are short and ADD, and have some instant gratification to it.” Their music is fun and catchy as fuck and is definitively worth seeing live.

Physical Copies is a new project, but things are picking up speed: “From our first show (at Wunderbar less than a year ago) to where we were at Golden West, we are where we want to be at.”

Check these guys out at the Up + Downtown Music and Arts Festival – October 12 and 13 and with The Wet Secrets and Switches (EP release) on November 10th at Barber Ha.

By Jenna Lee Williams
Photo: Will Zimmerman

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