If you find yourself wandering the streets and parks of Strathcona and see a gaggle of leggy gals (and a few guys) run past, you may have just spotted Tight Club. If you are strolling down an alley on Keefer Street and you hear Nelly blasting from a two-car garage, you might have heard Tight Club.

Tight Club is the brainchild of Keighty Gallagher, trainer and twerk expert. It’s an alternative workout class and athletics club designed to fit the needs of Vancouverites wanting to work on their fitness without the drab gym pass.

“The biggest benefit is that relationship with the people around you and your trainer is a lot more strong because of the small space and attention. Some people just are intimidated by the gym and don’t feel comfortable. I think Tight Club brings a homey neighbourhood vibe to exercise,“ explains Gallagher.

Instead of kitschy techno jazzercise music, you’ll find a curated playlist of ‘90s throwback and club hits, and instead of treadmills you’ll find East Van streets, lanes and parkades. Think of the nostalgia of back alley hockey: fun times, few rules, making friends and definitely breaking a sweat.

“A highlight is to see your neighbours and have them wave at you. I really developed a neighbourhood support system for Tight Club. People are always asking about it and dropping by,” boasts Gallagher about the community’s warm welcome.

For a homegrown effort, this class is certainly no walk in the park. Kicking off with cardio, intense stretching, aerobics, the famous and feared ab lab, and a general “kick your ass into gear” vibe make sure that no one leaves without feeling it in the morning. But this is one morning after that won’t leave you filled with regret; you can just stretch it off and come back for more.

Classes are for everyone, regardless of ability. If you’re an early riser try the Morning Glory class from 6:30 – 7:30 a.m., or evenings offer Tight Club Night Club, there’s even a Yummy Mummies class. For those seeking a bit more of a boot-y-camp feel, Tight Life is a three-week program that includes regular workouts and training from Gallagher, healthy eating tips from nutritionist Carley Mendes and chef-made salad service from Christina Culver at Culver City Salads.

Tight-Club-2---WEBCheck http://tightclubvancouver.com for class schedules, fees & more info.

By Jessica Brodeur
Photos: Tristan Casey

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