“This is fucked up!” is a typical response to seeing Grandola for the first time. Devoid of rules, genre and bashfulness, these home-grown Calgary boys are throwing a wrench into the local music scene. Like a kind of herpes that grow Skittles on your body, you will at first hate, but then come to love, this band as they grow on you. Releasing Grand Theft Awesome on October 26 at The Palomino, these guys are going to blow your mind.

When imagining how Grandola writes music, I picture a McDonald’s ball pit where all the balls have either a note or chord written on them. Everyone gets liquored up, gets into their birthday suits and wrestles in the pit for a few hours under a hot desert sun. At the end of the day, the spilled balls are collected by troupe of women inside piñata outfits and, voila, a song is born!

I mean no slight to these boys’ songwriting chops. When they deliver their creative juices to thirsty audiences, they stack it with constant, three-part harmonies and enough dirty pop hooks to lift a small, impoverished, Eastern European country out of despair and into a blissful heaven of catchy sing-alongs. Grandola know what they’re doing, but the process of getting there is truly an original endeavour.

The composition of this band is mind blowing. Each with their drastically different approaches to life and the task of living it, there is no way these guys should get along. But as they put it, they all fall under the guise of being “modern gentlemen,” whatever that means. I would get into some personal stories here but I’m afraid its enough to make Sue Johanson blush and once you know, you’ll always know. I’m not going to inflict that life on you.

Come see these anomalies release their Chinese Democracy, Grand Theft Awesome, to the masses on October 26th at The Palomino.

By Sean Hamilton

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