Fucked Up

Fucked Up

HALIFAX, N.S. – OCTOBER 24, 2013

Long-time Halifax favourites Fucked Up were all anyone could talk about on the third day of the Halifax Pop Explosion. The band has been coming to the city since about 2004 and have developed a deep relationship with the city’s hardcore scene.

All ages institution The Pavilion has just turned 15 and celebrated by hosting the first of two Fucked Up shows that evening. Jerk Damaged kicked off the show with a dosage of raw pop-punk and from there the bands escalated in intensity until it was finally time for Fucked Up. Crude but lovable frontman Damian Abraham seemed to have even more energy and abandon than ever (perhaps enhanced by Fucked Up’s enthusiasm to play for all ages crowds) and it was received with aplomb.

Many of-age attendees, including this reviewer, headed straight on to the next Fucked Up show. The crowd was already massive several hours before round two was set to begin and the packed Marquee wasn’t waiting for Fucked Up to let loose. Road warriors and Flood Island performers Cousins managed to produce a mosh pit nearly at the level of the night’s headliner with singalong after singalong erupting from the crowd. It’s clear that Halifax rewards their own for a job well done.

Jerk Damaged

Jerk Damaged

Thursday was also the night the free HPX venue shuttle (a grotty but charming double-decker bus) carried the riled up festival-goers to and from many key venues. The service was fast and personable, I’m pretty sure I counted at least three new friendships formed during the 15 minutes I rode from The Marquee to Reflections, one of the few venues that had music going almost until 4 a.m.

Reflections was a sharp left in tone (but not energy) from the night’s previous shows. Halifax’s small but enthusiastic rave scene was on display in the form of trap DJ duos NMBRS & LTTRS and Trillionaires. The faithful dancers were out and certifiably wild. The DJs were even able to convert those worn out from a day expending energy in the pit. Having used the last of my energy for the day, I grabbed a slice of donair pizza bigger than my head and hopped in a cab.

By Colin Gallant
Photos: Gabrielle Gallant

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