“This time last year, we were in a ditch along a highway full of snow in Alberta,” indie rock/folk musician Aidan Knight writes from his home in Victoria. “It was an analogy for what was going on in my life at that time, going at a pace that was really only headed for one destination.”

If the 27-year-old Victoria native is feeling reflective, it’s for good reason: it’s been one year since the release of his second studio album, Small Reveal, in October 2012. It’s been a year of near-constant performing for Knight and his band, which culminated in their first-ever European tour to Germany, the U.K. and Austria.
“After the hospitality we saw (particularly in Germany), I think it’s made me revisit the idea of how we treat creative people here at home,” says Knight. “We really struggled in our first few years in Canada to play to anyone, and I think that’s expected here, so it feels nice to find an audience there so quickly.”

But as Knight prepares for his Last Best West Tour with Justin Rutledge, that struggle to find his fans is surely behind him. Audiences have embraced Knight’s soul-searching music, his knack for storytelling and his quirky and authentic personality that comes through in his songs and live performances alike.

So it’s been a big year for Aidan Knight. And even though it all came to a head, all that inward looking and heart searching, in that snowy ditch along a highway in Alberta, it hasn’t changed his course. “You destroy yourself for a bad show, you stay away from your family so you can be on the road, you feel caught up in your own mind and yet there are some moments that make these negatives worth it. They feel monumental…

“It’s been a year of lessons. I can say that.”

Aidan Knight and Justin Rutledge will bring their Last Best West Tour to the Royal Museum (Edmonton) November 9, Communitea Cafe (Canmore) November 12 and Festival Hall (Calgary) November 13. And watch his recently debuted video for “A Mirror” below, directed by Natalie Rae Robison.

By Sara Elizabeth Taylor

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