Early in 2012, some of the members of the newly formed Cult Babies issued an album as part of the folk rock ensemble Bleating Hearts. The group became a staple of the local live circuit, but eventually disbanded, with a handful of the players later reconvening under a new name and with a new sound.

Cult Babies’ newly released self-titled EP — available on cassette or digitally through Bandcamp — is steeped in doom and reverb, with fuzzed-out psych riffs brushing up against trippy synth textures and gorgeous group harmonies. Suffice to say, it’s a big change from the organic, horn-driven drama of Bleating Hearts.

The musicians were in the midst of an extensive U.S. tour when BeatRoute contacted them via email to gain some insight into the new sound and find out exactly who is in the band. Rather than send back traditional answers, they responded with a series of cryptic limericks, which we’ve opted to publish in full.

BeatRoute: Why did you guys decide to stop being Bleating Hearts and start being Cult Babies?

Cult Babies: There is no ending

And there is no beginning.

Bears die, larvae hatch.

BR: After Bleating Hearts, did you intentionally change up your sound? What influenced the change?

CB: You cannot make jams

With only just one berry.


BR: Is Cult Babies just Hasan Li, Layla Gaïb and Michelle Furbacher? Who plays what? Is anyone else playing with you?

CB: Who are these people?

We have no identity.

We are family.

BR: Tell me about your tape. Where/how/when did you record it?

CB: At home we feel safe.

Instructional videos.

Last fucking minute.

BR: What’s with the shrine on the cover of your tape? Where is it from?

CB: Everyone has junk.

Everybody needs a shrine.

You can make one too.

BR: “Cult Baby Blues” features a clip from some sort of a cult leader instructional tape. Where does the sound bite come from and why did you decide to use it?

CB: What is copyright?

Stealing from YouTube is art.

Talk to our lawyer.

BR: “All Confused” sounds very different from anything you’ve done before. What inspired that song?

CB: A horse in the herd

Can trot at a different pace.

We are all confused.

BR: What are Cult Babies’ future plans?

CB: Cover of BeatRoute.

Opening for Japandroids.


Cult Babies’ self-titled EP is available now.

By Alex Hudson

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