One of the first things you’ll notice when first discovering Baltimore, Maryland death-thrashers Noisem is how astoundingly young they are. The manic quintet’s average age is just shy of 20 years old — not yet old enough to legally drink at their own shows. This simply amplifies the fact that the project was born half a decade ago.

What you won’t read is that they’ve apparently got the luck of the gods on their side, as they’ve recently locked down an opening slot on the upcoming Black Dahlia Murder and Skeletonwitch tour after initially missing the invitation.

“This is the biggest thing we’ve ever had happen to us, really,” notes guitarist Sebastian Phillips. “We were originally supposed to play the last leg of that tour that Wolvhammer is doing, but we didn’t confirm it on time.”

Instead, luck and a little help from their friends landed them on the larger portion of the trek and have them on the verge of delivering their freshly released album, Agony Defined, to the masses. The A389 Recordings release is a fast-paced and aggressive homage to early thrash titans, like Slayer and Kreator, with harsh death metal style vocals overtop.

It’s not far off from the initial style they played as Necropsy, which was the group’s moniker before a name change in 2012. Not to be confused with the Necropsy from Finland. Or Turkey. Or Poland.

“We went through tons of different names and genres that we wanted to dabble in,” says Phillips, who reaffirms that this kind of change has been going on since before the pre-Necropsy days.

Now, with a stable line-up for the past two years, a critically praised record and a permanent title, the young thrashers are looking forward to getting out on the road and bringing the pain to larger crowds.

Watch Noisem with Skeletonwitch and Black Dahlia Murder on November 9th at the Den. 

By Brandon McNeil
Photo: Josh Sisk

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