King Khan and the Shrines tiina liimu photo_forprint


Sweat was more abundant than beer at the Shrines’ performance in the Rickshaw Theatre. King Khan, eccentric musician from the Spaceshits and the BBQ Show, proved the funkiest frontman, his brass-backed band the Shrines a formidable backdrop in tone and presence. They released their long-awaited album Idle No More, the first in seven years, with a cross-country tour that stopped early in Vancouver.

The Shrines opened their set in dramatic form, blowing out their amps early with a huge horned howl. King Khan ran out from behind the stage curtain like a late night TV host, asking the obligatory “How’s everyone doing tonight” before launching in to early hit “How Can I Keep You Outta Harm’s Way.” The Shrines followed with fan favourite “Land of the Freak,” kicking off several offerings from The Supreme Genius Of. Eccentric organist Fredrovitch did his best impersonation of Vancouver legend Nardwuar, sending his keyboard and himself out to the frenzied audience. Guitarist Till Timm leans off the stage to play crazed solos and King Khan shuffled like James Brown, matched by the excited crowd

It wasn’t until they slowed down with “Thorn In Her Pride” that The Shrines started to get in to their new material. Idle No More‘s songs fit the tone and pace of their earlier output seamlessly, never losing their fans’ attention. Nobody was surprised when, after an hour, the band appeared for an encore. Khan dons the mic sporting only a cape, boots, and bedazzled boxer-briefs. In renewed energy they performed Idle No More opener “Born to Die” and “Welfare Bread,” ending on a traditional freak out that had three brass blowers run out to the barriers. The crowd couldn’t believe the set was over as they filed out of the lobby, even if most of them needed the opportunity to cool off.

By Mathieu Youdan
Photo by Tiina Liimu

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