Rae Spoon - credit Sebastian Buzzalino


With only a guitar, a small notebook and their laptop for backing tracks, Rae Spoon completely disarmed a spellbound Festival Hall. In typical fashion, they were affable and forthcoming, easily telling stories and joking both between songs and during. It was the perfect homecoming show for Spoon, surrounded by friends, intimate and loose.

The front-end of the set was loaded with songs off their latest, My Prairie Home. Spoon played these sparsely on their guitar, letting the emotional weight of the songs speak for themselves. Songs like “Cowboy” and “I Will Be a Wall” reverberated through Festival Hall and not a sound was heard in the silences between: Spoon enraptured their audience, who followed along every rising and falling note. As the set progressed, they moved back through their discography, augmenting their sound with backing tracks from their laptop. These followed the evening’s mood, sparse and heavy, and opened the set up to louder possibilities, which gave their performance some welcome dynamism towards the second half. As strong as Spoon is on record, they are downright cathartic live. Do yourself a favour and catch their show next time they’re in town.

Mark Davis opened the night off with little fanfare. His gentle demeanour worked well to warm up the attentive crowd as he worked through a collection of songs that spanned his career. Though the songs sometimes verged on being too placid, he seemed genuinely pleased to be opening the night up, able to share the stage with his labelmate.

Words and photo by Sebastian Buzzalino

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