There’s something about the onset of winter that calls for pause and reflection after the bustling activity of previous months. Things have finally seemed to settle a bit and now we can look to some of our local galleries to draw insights and observe how art imitates life.

A good place to start might be “After the Flood” at Pith Gallery in Inglewood, comprised of new works by Jeremy Pavka, Karly Mortimer, Jen Somerville and Shaun Robinson. It responds in heartfelt ways that retain objectiveness in their depth of visual information. For some, iconic photographic prints of local unnamed heroes will be incredibly moving. This is one example of a new wave of creative inspiration that’s emerged from such change and now with more space for meaningful contemplation and hindsight.

Another groundbreaking local arts exhibition is at Glenbow, called “Made in Calgary: The 1980s,” which showcases a survey of central figures in our visual arts community during that decade. It’s part of an incredible ongoing five-part series that has progressed through the 20th century and this instalment features favourites like Chris Cran, Gisele Amantea and John Will. While you’re there, you might consider embracing “Remembrance” and exploring displayed collections, like “War in the Trenches” and the travelling paintings by German artist Otto Dix and Canadian Group of Seven painter AY Jackson (who helped define Canada’s aesthetic to the rest of the world at a time when we were still such a new country).

Olympic speed skater turned painter, Toller Cranston, has been representing Canada internationally. His colourful, highly patterned, flat-looking images almost seem to connect to things like stained glass, but they have an incredible sense of motion and energy. The show is being put on by Art Evolution in the Crossroads market building, though they were previously located on 11th Avenue as the Artists of the World gallery. These new pieces are large-scale and will be unveiled in a grand opening with the artist in attendance for $50 admission on November 21.

After all this deep thinking and winter-type business, you might simply want to curl up with bacon and House Gallery is hosting a brief show, called “Bacon: The King of Cured Meats,” that appears to be running from about November 10-16 with an RSVP required by email. It may still be possible to attend, but you’ll have to check through, and either way, it was totally worth an honourable mention!

By Cait Lepla
Photo: Sally Hamilton, STOCK.XCHNG

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