A new frontrunner is emerging in the world of Winnipeg indie folk. Yes We Mystic is a young quartet with lyrics and talent well beyond their age and their new EP, Floods and Fires, is an illustration of this.

The band is composed of Adam Fuhr’s deep vocals that range from a soft whisper to an urgent and powerful blow through your speakers, Keegan Steele’s impressive mix of mandolin, ukulele, percussion and vocals, Solana Johannson’s melodic violin and vocals, Katherine Walker-Jone’s foot stomp inducing banjo and bass and Zach Rempel’s cello playing, which is the cherry on top of this folk sundae.

This eclectic mix of instruments come together in a debut EP that hints of a wide range of influences, bearing resemblance to bands such as the Avett Brothers.

The four tracks featured on Floods and Fires deal with some deep lyrics, but the EP takes you through a mosaic of emotions. In short, this is an album for any situation. The tracks do not fail to bring you down into some somber self-reflection and back up again with their chanting choruses.

A real gem in this album is “Mademoiselle X Writes a Letter Home.” The range of harmonies can easily put the listener in a trance and Johannson’s violin comes out in full force, leading up to and featuring in a dramatic climax.

The band is described as delivering “both quiet acoustic melodies and soaring, triumphant crescendos.” This is shown to be true in tracks such as “Flashlight,” which features a slow start and builds up to some serious musical intensity.

This band is a Winnipeg hipster’s dream and they are so addictive that there is no doubt that they will reach fans in multiple music scenes.

By Rachel Wood

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