We’re in the middle of a time where genre boundaries are blurring and becoming both over-defined and vague at the same time. Footwork, trap, jungle, juke – these all seem to mean slightly different things to different people. These words have been used to describe DJ Earl’s sonic remittances, but it’s really all semantics as we try and describe tempo, structure and feeling of what is ultimately just sound and emotion.

“Moodrinng,” featuring Heavee D, is a mellow, dreamy, peaceful float along the edge of a forest overlooking a misty meadow. There’s nothing dance-floor about this tune at all – it just washes over your whole being if you lay back and let it. “Now Breakk” (Beardus Remix) is future baby-making music with just enough of that old-school jungle flavour in the drums to feel timeless.

“Now Breakk” is the one, hearkening back to the emergence of jungle. Groundbreaking? Maybe not, but considering the time and musical landscape that this is being released in, it sort of is. What’s old is new again, the same but different. This is perfect for any opening set, late-night sunrise set or moment of self-reflection when time races by in slow-motion.

By Willis Lombard

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