Those out west can’t stop tapping their feet because Little Wild’s Victories has been on repeat for two weeks straight. The foursome from Abbotsford, British Columbia have raced their way to our hearts and brightened the dimly lit skies of autumn with this 11-song album.

“Brown Vest” has a sickeningly sweet sound, moving to a drum solo and an echo of cave-like proportions with lyrics nearing the end; what a perfectly well-rounded tune. “One day I’m going to pack up and leave this town,” – it’s as if “Great Big” is the unofficial anthem for small towns across North America, because we’ve all got the same idea. It’s not an easy task to capture thoughts of the adolescence of today, Little Wild so clearly finds this to be the opposite of a difficult task. They’ve got it all figured out and it’s fucking magic.

“Cockatiel” is as catchy as they come. With a beat that’s infectious, it holds its place in your mind and should come with a disclaimer: May cause humming out loud in public. There’s a cloud that floats above this album as it flows out of speakers and headphones alike, a cloud full of dreams and aspirations, the hard work of a band on their way to take over the indie rock movement. Run to watch these boys play any stage they can get their instruments on.

By Camille Vega

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