Rusty Ford certainly isn’t breaking any new ground with his debut album, My Truck, My Dog and You. It’s a throwback tribute to AM country music of the past, acknowledging every cliché of roots music along the way. Rusty’s appreciation for the genre and legends of the past comes across well and he makes it all feel authentic.

The album works because it never takes itself too seriously. Songs like, “I Can’t Get Over You (Till You get Out From Under Him),” or “I Miss Him (But My Aim’s Improving),” just wouldn’t otherwise work in a modern sense. He gets away with this by not breaking character. My Truck is also littered with quite a few amazing players who help keep Rusty’s occasionally one-dimensional songs fun and interesting.

With the pathetic state of commercial country and the manic-depressive alt-country that’s being pumped out today, My Truck, My Dog and You is an enjoyable palate cleanser.

Rusty Ford has a lot in common with Daniel Romano, minus any trace of hipster irony. I’m fairly certain he thinks he is Meryl Haggard and that Patsy Cline is still dishing out handjobs backstage the Grand Ole Opry.

By Tanner James

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