It’s October, the weather is shitty and you’ve just parted ways with someone you’ve let encompass every fibre of your being. They’re gone, and they aren’t coming back. Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you enjoy the autumn weather, the changing leaves, and you’re happily with your partner or doing your own thing. Whatever the case, Ta-Ku’s newest EP Songs to Break Up To is the soundtrack for the remainder of 2013.

It’s a journey of highs and lows, a musical roller coaster, riding shotgun to your emotional baggage as it’s hanging on for dear life. “We Were in Love” was released a month before the album. Its hard-hitting bassline mirrors the sound of one’s heart as it’s yearning for a love that is lost. Every track is a tremendous accomplishment, racing from heartache-driven samples to melodies you can vibe to – it’s a constant struggle that we don’t want to ever stop. “Moving On” puts you in a trance-like state, a mellow dream world of the positive things to come. “Descent,” featuring Ebrahim, rounds off the 10-song EP, a bittersweet end to the road traveled and paved by this Australian-born producer.

Wave goodbye to the life you’ve left behind in the earlier months of this year – it’s time to start fresh.

By Camille Vega

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