Taxa is another name for scientific classifications – you know, like species or family or phylum – and yet this band isn’t exactly easy to categorize. The best strategy to do so would probably just entail naming other bands for purposes of comparison – Unwound appears on their Bandcamp page, Mission of Burma are label-mates. Cowards aren’t, but that’s who Vancouver’s Taxa remind me of. Related bands Damages and Deadsure could be brought up in conversation. But let’s just call Taxa gloomy post-grunge, driving, melodic art rock.

The two songs on Resurrection Year tease us with just less than 10 minutes of nimble breakdowns, female backups, menacing, affected bass and drawn-out crescendos.

It’s like they were sick of seeing Albini and Yow tossed around by music journalists and decided to perfect the genre of post-hardcore/alternative/noise rock. Whatever the taxonomic nomenclature, the science is clear. Emotional yet unforgiving, melodic but discordant, Taxa is in a class of its own.

By Sean Orr 

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