The contrast of the Albertans’ new release, Dangerous Anything, to its two previous albums can be attributed to a drastic change of focus and lifestyle. After two years on the road playing wherever they could and experiencing the beaten path, they have literally and figuratively changed their tune. Now settled in Vancouver and spending most of their time mulling over, their sound they’ve started to beat to a different drum. Dangerous Anything exposes the band’s shift away from indie folk pop to a fusion of synth pop and shoegaze. It’s boldly dark, seductive and hypnotic.

Taking inspiration from eighties synth and artists like Pink Floyd and Julee Cruise, they have successfully created a sound that is uniquely theirs. Tracks like “Begin the Beguin” will lead you in a trance, following a soft haunting voice through a solid disco-esque dance beat. While other cuts, like “Invisible Fortress,” will furrow you into your gloomy subconscious within walls of drum and bass, others still (“Jason”) will have you feeling like you’re freefalling between time and space into a mystical canyon.

Dangerous Anything has moved The Albertans to a deeper and darker (yet sometimes bright and ambient) side of themselves by embracing synthesizers, increasing the depth of bass and upping the percussive density. Partnered with soothing and spellbinding vocals, it’s hard not to get transfixed in the mix.

By Karolina Gajewska

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