Sattalites cd


The Toronto-based reggae group the Sattalites have recently released this compilation of hits that span over the last two decades. Forming in 1981 originally as a music school, by 1982 they had a solid group of diverse musicians and a unique style. Popular in both Canada and the United States, they have toured extensively over the last 20 years and were the first Canadian reggae band to be invited to play Jamaica’s Reggae Sunsplash festival. They remain, to this day, Canada’s longest-standing reggae group.

With most of the songs recorded around the late eighties and early nineties, the style is definitely on the lighter side. Soothing vocals harmonize with steel drums accompanied by an array of horns, from flugelhorn and trumpets to saxophones. While there are a couple of slightly upbeat songs on this album, the majority of it is very laid-back with an eighties romantic feel.

If you’re looking for an easy listening album with a mild island flair, or a record to slow-dance to on the beach, then The Best of Canadian Reggae is your new go-to. Longtime Sattalites fans should probably nab this one for their collections.

By Sarah Mac

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