Here are some gigs to keep you maniacs smashed and thrashing through the fog and November rain:

wendythirteen’s Funky Winkerbeans @ 37 West Hastings St.

Fri. Nov. 1: The Ramores (Ramones Tribute) Teenagers From Mars (Misfits) and Turbobastard (Turbonegro)

Sat. Nov. 9: Subculture Xi = E2 Art & Music Show! with artists Wendythirteen, Rat Funk, Rot N Hell, Theo Solomon, Milton Stile, Black Ivan Morley, Jen O’brennan, Shannon Lewis, Astrid Makolsa, Jennerator, Argh!, Al Pocalypse, Alisin Loon, Macbastard, Paul Tryl, Sean Talarico, Dena Lazarenko and more

Thurs. Nov. 14: Kill Matilda, the Flatliners, Muffdusters, the Harvest

Sat. Nov. 16: Anion, Biipiigwan, Wtchdr, Destroy All

Fortune Sound Club @ 147 East Pender St.

Fri. Nov. 1: Early Show: Blowfly and guests

Sat. Nov. 2: Early Show: Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Camp Lo

The Astoria @ 769 East Hastings St.

Wed. Nov. 6: Punkerslut CD Release Party & Tour Kickoff, Shark Infested Daughters, Hopeleus, As The King, Gorgeous Geordie, Riannaconda, Dolly Haze

Sat. Nov. 16: Three Wolf Moon LP Release Party, Spoon River, The Wild North, Gordon Smith

Fri. Nov. 22: Burning Ghats Record Release, Bridgeburner, Keep Tidy, Soot

Sat. Nov. 30 Anciients (homecoming show) w/ Black Wizard, Weirding, As The King


Nov. 14-17:  Fall Down/Get Down 2013 La-Ti-Da Records Presents  28 Bands | 4 Venues | 4 Days

Check it out the schedule at: http://www.latidarecords.com/the-fall-downget-down/

The Mighty Rickshaw @ 254 East Hastings St.

Mon. Nov. 11: Kreator, Overkill (co-headlining) w/guests Warbringer

After the Fireball… Pat’s Pub @ 403 East Hastings St.

Fri. Nov. 15: The Fleshtones, Split Squad

Astorino’s @ 1739 Venables St.

Thurs. Nov. 14: POP. 1280 (NYC/Sacred Bones) Sex Church, Cowards, Channels 3 and 4

The Wise Hall & Lounge @ 1882 Adanac St.

Sat. Nov. 2: Shockload, Full Leather Jacket, Guts & Glory, Terraform

Izzy has left Piggy and they are looking for a new singer if you want to play with Ron Reyes. If you don’t know who that is, Google it. Only seriously committed musicians considered for tryouts or that is the word.

If it’s metal, hardcore or punk or close to it, there’s a good chance that your gig(s) may get listed here in the Wall Of Sound but we prefer gossip, new release news, band fights & breakups. Send the goods to skinnywallofsound@gmail.com. Believe me, it’s worth it. It’s in print.

Glued together by Rene Milord and Tanya Van
Photo: Tiina Liimu

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