It’s been 13 years since the release of Deltron 3030, in which oddball rapper Del the Funkee Homospaien lyricized a world set in 3030 where Deltron Zero (Del’s alter ego) takes on an anarchistic perspective to fight against the large corporations that rule the universe.

Comprised of Kid Koala, Del the Funkee Homosapien and Dan the Automator, Deltron 3030 is a sci-fi anarchist musical trio to be reckoned with. BeatRoute got on the phone with Dan the Automator, legendary producer behind acts including Gorillaz, Peeping Tom, Prince Paul, Kool Keith, and more, to discuss the newest album’s tale of futuristic anarchy.

“Stardate 3040… Society continued to erode as the people began to collapse under the weight of economic despair. One by one the banks began to collapse. Politicians were running out of flocks to fleece. The middle class had faded into irrelevance. Anarchy had started to peek its head out,” speaks actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the introduction track to the group’s new album, Event II.

Set 10 years later to their precursor album, Deltron 3030 has officially entered the year 3040. Event II is a commentary on how the government has fallen into a state of corruption… but then suggests, perhaps, it was corrupt to begin with.

“The whole idea of Deltron 3030 is about humanity and the future of man, that being greed, power and corruption. It’s been a regular theme throughout history and continues to be one. In the long run, the 13 years we didn’t release a record we got to see all these things happen in society that reiterated the fact that the nature of man has a negative quality to it. We will always have the same problems on some different levels. It breaks when there’s a revolution but it tends to always come back to that core corruption.”

With activists like Anonymous and Banksy constantly telling the tale of corruption it’s no wonder artists like Deltron 3030 are joining the battle in informing the public about our problematic future that just keeps on evolving.

“I don’t think we have agency. I think its part of what we as society have to deal with. It just gets more extreme when there’s more haves than have-nots. For example, bank bailouts, or the [housing market] crashing and the government just paying back the people who stole the money… I think society is better when there is a bigger middle class, not such a huge difference between the haves and have-nots. That’s when you see desperation. Everything that has happened in the last decade reflects itself in the Deltron future. And the Deltron future isn’t necessarily solving that, it’s illustrating what we should all be aware of.”

While all of this might put you in a state of permanent gloom, Dan the Automator knows that there’s a force out there giving the power back to the people.

“Activists have an easier time because of technology. The government can’t stop technology. The Internet gives someone the medium to put something out there… It’s not like you have to rely on a newspaper to hear about something. If someone is interested in something, they can find out about it. I think that’s the big difference. With everything that happened in the last 10 years the Internet has been one of the great leveling features. We’ve seen more corruption and abusive power in this past decade, but we’ve also seen that people can now have a say and the government can’t stop that. They’re trying to regulate it, but that’s what the people got back in the last decade vs. the stuff they lost.”

So what’ll it be? Will you continue to ignore the message or do something about our future? The Internet is in your hands.

Check out Deltron 3030 in the flesh at the Commodore Ballroom, November 18th.

By Nicola Storey
Photo: Michael Donovan

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