The wonderfully complicated, socially conscientious and spiritual British comedian, Eddie Izzard, is set to make our lovely city a happier place on November 24. Izzard made waves in England earlier this year when he announced that he will be running for mayor of London in 2020. If successful, London will have its first fabulous, cross-dressing mayor. In the spirit of Izzard’s fun randomness, BeatRoute spoke with the future Lord of London about spirituality, the afterlife and running for mayor.

BeatRoute: You’re an atheist, is that right?

Eddie Izzard: I call myself a spiritual atheist. I don’t believe in God, but I believe in people. I believe in ‘us’: In the links between us and the spiritual between humans. I have faith in us. I just don’t believe in an invisible bloke upstairs saying, “Tsunami now,” “bad headache” and that kind of thing.

Eddie-m2BR: What would your heaven look like?

EI: I’d like it to look like the 21st century. Generally Western but increasingly secular; a spiritual society where you can go out, have a cup of tea and say, “Oh hey, let’s catch a film.” That would be my heaven. If there are bouncy clouds, bouncy castles and people having nice spa massages, that would be great! But it’d be boring after a while or for eternity.

BR: Would your heaven include being the mayor of London?

EI: I’ll put it around the other way: if I can be the mayor of London and do something positive, hopefully I’d be helping to make more of what people consider to be a heavenly situation in London. To make it a positive aspirational thing. Encourage people to go for their dreams. Reach for the American, European dream. Maybe there is a Canadian dream — no one really talks about that. One life, let’s live it. I want to create a heaven on Earth and it doesn’t have to be bloody perfect.

BR: What will Calgarian fans experience at your show?

EI: I’ll be talking about human sacrifice, pipe smoking, Lord of the Rings, the Magnificent Seven, ancient Greek gods, and so on. Fans will hopefully experience something rather intelligent and completely stupid at the same time.

This is anticipated to be one of the most wildly random and completely interesting shows to see all year. Will it be rather intelligent? Absolutely. Completely stupid? Let’s hope so. Catch Eddie Izzard at the NAIT Jubilee (Edmonton) on November 22, at the SAIT Jubilee (Calgary) on November 24 and at the Burton Cummings Theatre (Winnipeg) on November 26.

By Francisco Torres
Photo (top): Marko Delbello Ocepek

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