The Ship and Anchor hosted a free show on Wednesday with special guests SNFU. If you weren’t there, you missed one hell of a good night!

The Cadavor Dog

The Cadavor Dog

High River rotten-roll rebels, the Cadavor Dog, opened the show. With them, they brought all the violence and cynicism you were missing in your life and it was loud, heavy and bloodthirsty. With his chainsaw guitar, front man Wolfspider enthralled the audience as the rest of the Dogs thrashed so hard you thought your ears were bleeding. At first glance they may look like an unusual gang of guys, but the Cadavor Dog sure know how to tear things up.

The headliners and welcomed guests of the evening were Canadian punk legends SNFU. For what seemed like a long wait, it was worth every second. They played all their old songs, including hits off their first studio release …And No One Else Wanted to Play, amongst a slew of others off almost every album. Mr. Chi Pig was just amazing; while wearing his sarong and chugging PBRs, he still managed to belt out hit after hit like it was nothing at all. That man is a performer through and through, and with every song he sang, his talent became clearer.  SNFU were celebrating the release of their latest album, Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You, which happens to be their first release in almost nine years, and the tracks they played from it at the show sounded fantastic! Although there were a few moments where you weren’t sure if the show was going to continue, but that shit happens at every great punk show, so you shouldn’t have suspected less!

It was an amazing show all the way through the end. It was an honour to see Mr. Chi Pig perform and it was touching to know he felt the same way performing for us. Big thumbs up!

Review and photos by Sarah Mac

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