Shred-Island-Image-by-Mack-LamoureauxI spoke to Mack Lamoureux, who is currently a journalism student, and co-founder of River Road Productions with Dylan Thompson. I brought up his documentary Shred Island (Lamoureux shot, directed, edited and produced the film), which chronicled the impromptu mini-festival that was held in Edmonton and was spurred  after the Calgary flood led to the cancellation of Sled Island and tons of displaced musicians.

Since the flood happened as quickly as the blink of an eye, so did the decision to make this film: “I found out about Shred Island. I was there within the hour. I filmed all the setting up and everything.  I have Craig Martell on Facebook, and I saw his status update, a roll call, he was looking for someone to film it. I got the go ahead to do this, and that is how it happened,” recalls Lamoureux.

An advanced screening of the 30-minute film was held on September 28th at Wunderbar. “It was really packed. It blew me away; the support,” said Lamoureux. The Nancys, Jeremy Clarkson and Arrowz played at the event.

One thing that I noticed about Shred Island right away is that the film has a stellar soundtrack. Edmonton’s own Arrowz performed the opening track of the documentary. Music throughout the film is by Vancouver’s Johnny De Courcey and The Death Rangers. “I saw them at Shred Island. I bought their record. It blew me away.  I contacted him and figured something out for the soundtrack, said Lamoureux.”

Lamoureux is not a stranger to recording musical events. Inspired by VICE video documentaries, he has filmed various artists (including Lucas Chaisson) perform Take Away shows (River Road Sessions) at pop up locations throughout Edmonton.

Lamoureux doesn’t only make films about music: his latest project includes Soaring, a documentary about gliding, the sport that involves flying an aircraft using rising air to remain airborne, and The Edmonton Soaring Club.

I really hope to see this film being screened at Sled Island next year!

Catch a screening of Shred Island Nov. 28 at ISBE Domain, 9529 Jasper Ave in Edmonton. Doors at 7:00 p.m. Movie at 8:00 p.m.

By Jenna Lee Williams
Photo: Mack Lamoureaux

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