Arteries---Firebrand-Glass-Studio---vestige---credit-John-DeanGLASSBLOWING, THE END OF THE WORLD AND PAPER TRAILS

There’s something very interesting about 2013 that I’ve dared to ponder lately. In 2012, we heard all kinds of ideas about a prophesied turning point and the end of the world as we knew it. Of course, that was theoretically scheduled for the very end of the year and, with some leeway for leap years, ancient margins of error and gradual settling in, 2013 has sure felt like a different time than our days as the Cultural Capital. Many amazing things have happened and yet another exhilarating month lies ahead.

One gallery that embodies 2013 for me is the strangely serendipitous Avalanche. They were hardly open a year when the paths of our mountain ranges pushed them aside. What odd fate – they will surely have some very intriguing thoughts about everything that they’ve experienced in what is now a year and a half of operations. Now you can visit them in a space shared with Untitled Art Society for an exhibition called “Paper Trail,” which documents each show they’ve had in beautiful prints available for purchase.

This comes at the same time as a new partnership with Jarvis Hall as their “preferred” framer. Untitled Art Society has also recently announced a new programming coordinator for their space, named Ginger Carlson. Farther along in the design district, Christine Klassen Gallery (formerly Weiss) has revealed they will be moving in February to a larger warehouse-style location at 321 – 50 Ave S.E.

New horizons seems to be a major pattern, and another very hot one now, if you’re feeling a bit cool, is the open house of Firebrand Glass studio in Black Diamond on December 7from 11-5. Owner/operators Tyler Rock and Julia Reimer are major names for Canada in the international glass community, with pieces in the collections of the Emperor and Empress of Japan and Stephen Harper. They will be demonstrating their skills with this thrilling art form, and selling pieces at various price points.

Sticking closer to home more up your alley? Check out Esker to catch the end of a group show entitled “Fiction/Non-Fiction”, which has been co-produced with the Illingworth Kerr gallery of ACAD. Drawing from historical archives, it reassesses the development of current cultural and political positions according to the way those histories have been documented, leaving us with a feast of food for thought.

By Cait Lepla
Photo: John Dean

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