Rebecca-Chaperon_ArteriesRebecca Chaperon

Make Gallery

257 East 7th Avenue

December 5 – January 5

Gallery open M-F, 9-5

Rebecca Chaperon attended Emily Carr University and has exhibited across Canada. With a compulsion to create unique visual stories, Rebecca Chaperon takes the imaginative subjects of her paintings and establishes an ability to engage people by speaking to the enchantment of our human experience. Her paintings act as a means of storytelling, conveying the notion of human struggle in the 21st century. Tempered by references to the synthesized, modern world she combines the classical landscape aesthetics of the past with an aspect of ambient self-reflective self-portraiture.

Etienne Zack

Equinox Gallery

November 30 – December 21

525 Great Northern Way

The paintings of Etienne Zack suggest the nearly infinite possibilities that can be found in an artist’s studio. Indeed, the starting point for many of Zack’s paintings are constructions or installations that he creates in his studio, often from commonplace (in context) materials such as paint tubes, palettes and cigarettes. Conveyed with a raw, sometimes naive, style, Zack’s canvases may read as fanciful without coming off as slick or escapist. They also provide a different take on the longstanding genre of “painting about painting,” integrating philosophical commentary on the genre’s history with a grounding in its real, physical materials and settings.

Bradley Harms & Alex Caldwell

Winsor Gallery

November 30 – January 11

258 East 1st Avenue

If you haven’t seen the work of either of these two artists, now is the time to go. Bradley Harms is known for his meticulously rendered lines that create dazzling optical illusions, and abstraction that invigorates the viewer as well as creates contemplation. Minimalism meets pop art in Alexander Caldwell’s playful sculptures and colour-saturated forms.

By Team BeatRoute
Illustration: Rebecca Chaperon

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