Blood Brother

Blood Brother


Doc Soup is a six-film series co-presented by the Calgary International Film Festival and Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival.

Its aim is to showcase documentaries of substance from upcoming and established directors of around the globe.

Doc Soup had its first screening on November 6 to a sold out audience at Eau Claire Market Cinemas for director Andreas Dalsgaard’s The Human Scale. His film demonstrated the negative influence cities can have on people living in them and what can and is being done to remedy the perplexing problem.

The next screening is on December 4. It showcases director Steve Hoover’s Blood Brother.

Blood Brother presents Rocky Braat on his first trip to India. During his trip, he visits an HIV and AIDS care facility for women and children, which changes his life. He bonds with the people living there and decides upon returning to the United States that he is going to move to India and work at the care facility.

Blood Brother won the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for U.S. Documentary at the 2013 Sundance Film festival. The screening is to be held at Eau Claire at 7 p.m.

On January 8, Doc Soup will present The Summit, at The Globe Cinema. The Summit focuses on the 2008 K2 summit climbing disaster in Pakistan in which 11 climbers died attempting to ascend its peak.

February 5, March 5, April 2 will showcase three more documentaries with titles yet to be released.

Blood Brother will screen on December 4 at Eau Claire at 7 p.m. For more information, visit

By Shannon Buckley

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