SUBCULTURE_December_imagebyWENDY13wendy13-e13413739727751Last month, we lost Canadian punk rocker Nev the Impaler… Neil Robert Burns was an original member and guitar player for The Dayglo Abortions… There will be a memorial show on Friday, December 13th at Funkys to celebrate his life… The Dayglos are playing and there will be a jam / tribute / spoken word aspect to the show during intermissions and just before the Dayglos take the stage… We will also be having a raffle 50/50 type of thing full of band merch and other goodies to raise a bit of dough for his daughter Jules, whom he had just reconnected with when she moved out here recently… I’m glad they had that time before his passing… On that day, Nev had been jamming and recording, doing what he loved… If any bands/artists want to donate some stuff to the raffle get a hold of Deborah or me or just bring the stuff to the show and we’ll add it to the prize pack… Thanks in advance…

Bah! Humbug! It’s that time of year again… It’s Consumermass … Or Antichristmass as I prefer to refer to it as… It’s time for the barrage of shitty Xmas music… Mall rats and landfill garbage full of plastic waste tenfold… Don’t even get me started on the religious connotations to the ‘holidays’…

I was someone who never received the latest trendy item but instead got the classic socks and underwear replacements… I have for the most part successfully withdrawn from the holiday insanity with my family by refusing to participate in the Giftmas part for years… There was a time when I had small children, when it would have been cruel to withhold the gift part of the holidays as I didn’t want my children subjected to taunting over yet another of my peculiar personality oddities…

So like last year… The Subculture series of ongoing art shows at Funkys has the December edition have all the artists selling their work for under 50 bucks… I thought this was a great way for starving artists to get their work out there and for holiday gift participants to find a unique item for their loved ones… Subculture XIII is on Friday, December 20th starting at 8 p.m…. There are paintings… Metal pillows by Morgan Zentner… These are killer… I have a set of retro Space Invaders pillows made by her… Astrid Makosla makes killer fimo dragons in the form of pins, pendants and rings… She also has other cool themes to her work… My daughter and I have matching grumpy cat lapel pins!!

There are also drawings… patches… prints… depending on which artists show up… We have the punk edition rolling this time around with musical performances by The Strugglers… The Spree Killers… and Old Derelicts… They will obviously have reasonably-priced merch for the music lover on your endless obligatory list… So come out and escape the plastic world of gift giving and opt for something truly unique from your most interesting artist peers!!

Lots of killer shows coming up this winter… At Funkys, we have Powerclown… The return of the East Van insanity known as Cum Soc… Metal New Year’s Eve… And on Thursday, January 23rd at the Biltmore, I have Toxic Holocaust returning with guests Ramming Speed… Mammoth Grinder and locals Ogroem… Get on that one as their last show was a killer barnburner!

To quote Seinfeld… Festivus for the rest of us!

By wendythirteen

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