Everyone loves a beer delivery guy. They’re like the adult equivalent of Santa Clause, spreading joy, cheer, and of course alcohol. Shane Clark of 3 Inches of Blood has the lucky job of beer delivery guy for R&B Brewing, Vancouver’s original craft brewery. Between setting up kegs, stocking restaurants and bars, and making sure that local parties are well liquored, Clark is also 3IOB’s guitarist. The band has had a busy year touring extensively and putting out a series of “live in the studio” 7-inch recordings out of Mushroom Studios right before they closed up shop. Over a fresh beer straight out of the vat, BeatRoute inquired into the perks of the job with Shane.

BeatRoute: What is your job here at R&B?

Shane Clark: I deliver kegs and bottles of beer around the lower mainland.

BR: How long have you been doing that for?

SC: I’ve been working here for about three years now. Barry & Rick (R&B), they’ve been really good to me because I tour a lot and I always have a job when I come back. Barry, he’s a long time musician in Vancouver, he was in a punk band called The Spores in the ’80s and he’s still currently a musician around town. He fully understands what I’m doing and is fully supportive of that. I’m really lucky, as any touring musician knows about having a job, tour is more important so you go on tour and look for a new job when you get home. But I’ve come and gone, been away for eight months of the year sometimes.

BR: Do a lot of artists work here because of that?

SC: A lot of musicians work here. Shane, the other Shane is in Mystery Machine. They were big in the ’90s. Lots of musicians up here. Sean from Ladyhawk, I just got him a job here.

3iob6BR: Do you drop in to a lot of parties since you deliver the keg?

SC: Oh yeah! I deliver to all kinds of parties and they’re like ‘Hey why don’t you come back!” It’s cool because 98 per cent of the time people are just happy you showed up.

BR: You’re the beer fairy!

SC: Exactly. At a restaurant, the staff could be all angry but then they’re like ‘Oh hey! The beer’s here!’ It’s karma-ically sound.

BR: What do you think that R&B brings to Vancouver’s beer scene?

SC: My opinion is that they are sort of the first, the OG. They were like Vancouver’s craft brewery before the craft explosion. They’ve been doing it about 15 years. There are a handful of craft breweries around but R&B is… they’re just sort of the original ones.

BR: What’s your favourite beer here?

SC: I have a couple. I’m very much a “beer drinking beer” kind of guy. I’m not very into the hoppy, bitter stuff. I like the Bohemian Lager and the Sun God Wheat.

BR: Do you ever think of beer that goes with certain kinds of music?

SC: I’ve never thought of that! But I think that rock ‘n’ roll is a pilsner and lager kind of music. It’s quantity over quality. For trained pallets, people that like progressive stuff might like something a little more “crafty.”

BR: Are there any Christmas beers or seasonals coming up?

SC: There’s a seasonal beer called Old Nick. It’s a high percentage beer and it comes in the big 750ml bottles so one bottle will get you nice and… warm.

BR: Great! And any other Christmas gifts for beer lovers?

SC: Yes, actually. R&B has this key chain, it’s a bottle opener with this hook tool to puncture cans for shotgunning beers, so you don’t have to use a knife or a fork. It’s really cool! Great stocking stuffer.

BR: What is 3IOB up to these days?

SC: We just finished our album tour cycle. The album is called Long Live Heavy Metal. Now that we’re home we’re going to write a new record and wait to play a special Vancouver show.

3iob2Words and photos by Jessica Brodeur

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