Eric Jablonski, Robin McIntyre, Joe Ramirez and Colin Zak are the rag-tag group of pals that make up Calgary’s own Poison Pens. This rock and roll band is all about giving its listeners an experience they can, and will, talk about. Poison Pens wants their audience to have as much of good time as they do. Whether you’re watching Poison Pens’ handcrafted videos, listening to their music at home, or watching them live, these guys will show you that rock and roll is a statement, and that they’re awesome at it.

Poison Pens have a refreshing and solid passion for music. “It’s the only thing I’ve ever really done that’s been worthwhile,” McIntyre says, sharing what music means to him. Jablonski agrees, explaining that music allows him an outlet to be creative. “Music is an escape. I work a job that does not really allow any creativity. I get to be creative and have a lot of fun with music. It’s a part of me.” Meanwhile, Zak’s passion for music comes from a different approach. “Music allows me to tell the truth,” he says, explaining that music is that outlet.

Poison Pens have been playing together for two years now and have established themselves as a group of misfits that want to have fun with their music. Influences like Motörhead, AC/DC and Black Sabbath have given this band the classic sounds of rock and roll, while also allowing them to showcase their individual ideas of what rock is. “All of these guys are involved in different projects and, because of that, we all bring something different to the table,” Zak says, explaining that the dynamic group can come together to create a strong rock and roll presence. The resulting sound is a unique brand of rock that the Calgary scene has been lacking until now. Jablonski explains their simple approach to rock and roll: “At times it may be cheesy, but that’s because it’s fun. It’s nothing fancy.

PoisonPens“We ended up with this thing that can never be undone. And really, that’s pretty awesome,” he says, talking about Poison Pens’ new EP. The digital release of Poison Pens’ EP was long awaited and the finished product went online in early November. “Recording was great. We got to work with Kirill Telichev and we had a really good experience. We all knew what we were after,” Jablonski says, explaining that the development of their EP came naturally.

“The hardest part of recording was figuring out who was driving home, or whose girlfriend was going to pick us up,” Zak laughs, explaining the struggle of modern-day rockers. The flow of their work resulted in a hard-hitting, honest EP that any rock and roll aficionado would appreciate. The EP that Poison Pens have created brings a new brand of exciting rock and roll.

The release party for Poison Pens’ EP is taking place at The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club on December 21. It’s definitely going to be an event worth attending for any rock and roll fan, because these dudes know how to have a good time and are itching to put on an exciting show.

Poison Pens will physically release their debut EP on December 21 at the Palomino. They will also play December 11 at the Ship & Anchor. The EP is available online at poisonpens.bandcamp.com (listen below).

By Brittany Lahure
Photos: Brendan Stephens

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