The previously doomed stoner punk rock Arctic Monkeys continue to morph their sound into new, unheard of alternative melodies. AM is packed with abrupt surprises from the first punchy note to the last. It’s been a long time since an album with this much versatility in genre has been produced. The Arctic Monkeys redefine astonishment, not only by a sound, in some cases, seemingly irrelevant to lyrics, but also because of the poetic shift halfway through the album.

The first five songs possess a grungy, old-school rock ‘n’ roll fluidity which clash with the centrepiece, “No. 1 Party Anthem,” which provides a dark spiral twist on the stereotypical hedonistic life. The songs in this section of the album seem to have an abundant amount of repetitive cliché lines, which may cause one to lose hope for the originality of seductive album. Fortunately, the beat picks up in the dirty alternative folk “Fireside,” through which AM walks openly into the home of a bohemian hippie. The storytelling lyrics across the album paint a picture of intricate lines on the face of a lover. The humorous, almost satirical wit shines through on “I Wanna Be Yours” with the first line, “I want to be your vacuum cleaner.” Our spine-chilling Monkeys end on a series of Pink Floyd-influence R&B stirred into a skinny-jean funk.

By Paige Paquette

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