Stepping out of the digital sphere takes a lot of courage these days, especially for independent musicians. Go for the Eyes have long graced Calgary with their aggressive/passive blues stutter, but had yet to release anything on vinyl, which is surprising considering how perfect analog reproduction would suit the band’s sexy grooves. Now, finally, the wait is over. Comprising two nearly-forgotten tracks that didn’t make it onto the band’s Six Through Twelve EP, this 7” takes steps in a few new directions without losing sight of the band’s pentatonic riff-rock. “What Up October” is fantastic, but “If You Don’t Mind” is worth listening to forever, building from a rhythmic fuzzy bassline and cross-stick groove into easily the catchiest chorus of 2013. Heavy reverb and dizzying arpeggios lend the guitar character while string arrangements fill out the spaces; by the time Go for the Eyes let loose, the tension has grown nearly unbearable. Then, the crescendo drags itself out across two full minutes. It’s brilliant and unexpected, given the “all systems go” blues rock of Six Through Twelve. Go for the Eyes’ music has always felt like it was made for vinyl, but they really outdid themselves here.

By John Julius

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