Enviro-rocker Greg MacPherson is yet another strong example of the quality musicians that seem to endlessly emerge out of the city of Winnipeg.

His sixth studio album, Fireball, digs deeper into MacPherson’s personal life instead of exclusively focusing on social, political or environmental issues. It doesn’t mean those activist lyrics aren’t present, it just means they are mixed tastefully with stories of love and nostalgia.

Fireball is more dance-floor-ready than MacPherson has been in the past. The songs are short and fast bursts of post-punk and borderline rockabilly sounds.

While the angsty toe-tappers are enjoyable, MacPherson truly shows his chops later in the album on the rootsy number “New-Jazz Trios.” This standout track channels Springsteen and offers a beautiful narrative about loneliness, late-night bars and music. It is here that MacPherson shows his true potential: he is fully capable of going from a good songwriter to a great songwriter. This time around, though, most of the songs fall under the “good” category.

By Tanner Holthe

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