Gold Bristle is a soundscape. The record doesn’t preach; it paints. It colours the imagination with all our world’s darks and lights, leaving the hungry mind satisfied. A champion of the instrumental genre, Gold Bristle will be Calgary-based Jung People’s breakout album.
Some music is best contemplated in size. Some moments on the record are as small and fragile as a butterfly on a leaf. The leaves and the branches sway in unique and calming time signatures, shaking and quivering by some otherworldly force, guiding the accents of time. In contrast, musical climaxes fire like cannons over a bay with crowds and fireworks filling the electric air with jubilation.

An intricate game is played between tension and resolution. Contrasting forces are found through the notes and rhythms, but most notably in the dynamics, resulting in immense moments, such as on “From Our Eyes into the Fire,” where the listener is positively overwhelmed when the opposing forces collide in a blaze of glory. Dissonant guitars clash with harmonious horns to create the moment when dawn breaks the night and the sky shares two contrasting forces – if only for a short while. “Awoken in the Shambles” masters the space between notes. This eerily beautiful piece delivers a small yet triumphant warmth with every key struck while the space between is a wash of vast, expansive darkness.

Every track on Gold Bristle is praise worthy, taking the listener on an incredible adventure through the soundscape created by Jung People. All in all, it is an outstanding performance by a breakout band.

By Sean Hamilton


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