Whether your expectations for Paul McCartney’s album, New, are high or low, prepare to have them exceeded. At 71 years old, he has created an album to prove that older musicians are not always washed-up – to the contrary, they can take their years of experience and continue to move us with music that is timeless. Paul McCartney has always had a knack for creating pop songs that resonate through the years and affect old and young in a way that cannot be forgotten. This talent has not dissipated, but has rather grown stronger, taking his experiences and adding to them in a way that rekindles hope for the existence of true musicians.

New begins with an upbeat melody, picking you up before rushing you through an album that rises and falls, moving through an emotional spectrum that has been sorely missed since his days with The Wings. New touches on many personal events including his life before The Beatles and his recent experiences, as well as on universal themes. “The Road” could move the blackest of hearts, capturing attention with a strong atmosphere that becomes chilling at moments. The album warms you up to it before it hits with songs that melt into each other and play together without becoming monotonous. The most refreshing thing about the album is that no two songs are even slightly similar – it was as though, through a burst of inspiration, an album that was meant for his early days spit itself out in his latter days.

There is no such thing as a “prime” for Paul McCartney. With New, he has proved that his entire career will be his prime and added another gem to his already impressive discography. New allows you to further get to know a man who has impacted most of the music we have today.

By Ashlyn Lefebvre

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