The sound of East Vancouver’s Shockload, chock-full of rowdy sing-alongs and solid gang vocals, can best be described as greasy rock and gutter punk. The tracks on their debut, Attractive Distraction, are sung with a snarl and there are some tasty guitar solos, too. The music is catchy and leaves lame pop-punk tendencies at the door, keeping the hooks hard-driving and balls out.

Attractive Distraction starts off with a real cooker of a song in “Settle the Score,” which sets the tone for the rest of the release. The standout third track, “The Disgrace,” sees singer-guitarist Ryan Ruin take issue with the Vancouver Stanley Cup rioters.

But Shockload’s first album is not simply characterized by one genre, as towards the end they get downright metallic on back-to-back tracks “Meatheads” and “Homewrecker.” They then finish with the light melodic ditty “I’m Trying.” This album rocks hard throughout on other significant cuts like “Bail Me Out” and “While You’re Down There.” Attractive Distraction will never get credit for reinventing rock, but it sure knows how to nail it down.

By Heath Fenton

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