Just in time for the holidays, our friendly neighbourhood garage-soul sisters to the north are gracing us with a little something-something for the stocking. While these luscious dames and their garbage-man drummer are getting famous for seamlessly fusing together biting, grungy rock ‘n’ roll with haunting soul harmonies, this two-song release drifts towards the latter. Edmonton’s Lad Mags maintain the buzzy lo-fi guitars that will make you swoon and the track, “You Stole My Mind,” hearkens more to the era of the Shirelles, replete with spooky organ and reverb-laden vocal harmonies.

On the flip side, “Trick” gives us goodness from the era of the golden-brown sound, giving the guitars a satisfying crunch. The same ‘60s pop-organ sound from the previous track returns, bringing to mind the era of feel-good sunshine pop. Don’t think these rockers are going soft on us, though. They still bring with them the disconnected cool that makes their live shows so unforgettable. It’s all these reasons and more that leave their legions of fans chomping at the bit for the first taste of a full release. Here’s hoping fans will get their wish in the new year.

By Max Maxwell

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