It’s been more than ten years and more than ten albums for Tim Kasher since Conor Oberst muttered the lyrics, “Yeah Tim, I heard your album/And it’s better than good,” in the Bright Eyes track, “Nothing Gets Crossed Out.” Having stretched his legs with his destructively charged band, Cursive, as well as his slightly more sentimental project, the Good Life, Kasher now finds solace in his solitude on this, his second solo effort.

The themes are similar, as Kasher has always found a way to portray the cold loneliness that inevitably comes from relationships and sex – the dark areas of life that we don’t often let ourselves observe. He also sticks with his trademark tongue-in-cheek introspection: “I was six years old/Learning how to swim/Then I was 36/Wondering how I sunk,” sings Kasher on “Truly Freaking Out.” Standout “Where’s Your Heart Lie” paces with an elegant piano before swelling with brooding reverb and the perfect back-up vocals of Laura Stevenson.

With any artist that experiments with ideas as much as Kasher does, there will always be lulls (Cursive’s I Am Gemini comes to mind), but it appears he’s hit the mark on Adult Film. Rather than just another arm of the spiral that is Kasher’s creativity, this album feels like an accumulation of all his experiences, both personal and musical.

By Cory Jones

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