LIVE Toro y Moi by Ashtyn Bevan


If you are not familiar with the salacious sounds of Toro y Moi, then I urge you to acquaint yourself with the musical bliss of Chaz Bundick, who returned to Vancouver to play at the Vogue Theatre.

When I arrived at the Vogue, Classixx were in mid-swing of their set, playing to a typical Vancouver crowd bobbing their heads while attempting to sip from their overpriced PBRs. Having the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Blake of Classixx the month before, I was excited to see what the duo’s live nu-disco set had to offer. Playing some of their popular hits from their debut album Hanging Gardens such as “Holding On,” “All You’re Waiting For,” and “I’ll Get You,” their set highlighted how talented these two are as musicians. And with an unexpected cover of Drake’s hit track “Hold On We’re Going Home”, it’s evident that the duo made the right choice in making the leap from DJing to playing live.

Toro y Moi graced the stage shortly after. While the crowd cheered him onstage, my eyes were captivated by his Afro, and before he reached his keyboard the girl beside me yelled, “His ‘fro is bigger than my bush!” With no introduction needed, Chaz went into “Harm in Change” off of his newest studio album, Anything in Return. Commonly described as chillwave, Chaz’s live set accompanied by his band offered a far more immersive and lucid experience, which turned into a funkadelic dance party.

From one song to the next I craved more, and by “Rose Quartz” the audience was riding the chillwave, I cannot recall the number of times someone yelled, “Damn this is sexy” — and it was. Chaz has a gift, which allowed the crowd to shed all inhibitions and get lost in a dreamy atmosphere. Finishing with “Say That,” Bundick had everyone channeling his awkward dance skills featured in the song’s video.

Chaz’s infectious beats and gushing synth notes left the crowd wanting more. Teasing the crowd, Toro y Moi returned to the stage after a short break for a two song encore, playing the slow jam of “Cola” and finally ending the show with his much-loved track “New Beat.”

By Ashtyn Bevan
Photo by Ashtyn Bevan

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