Remember the ‘90s when alternative music reigned supreme and the emo ballad was just the sweetest sound? Guitars were loud, vocals were raw and the perfect accessory to our docks and plaid were the Big Shiny Tunes compilations. A resurgence has taken place, but we’re not talking about hipsters and indie bands. We’re talking about those nostalgic bands from a generation not so long ago coming out of the woodwork to play the favorite tunes of yesteryear. One Canadian group in particular crawled up the charts and into our hearts, a band called Moist.

The Resurrection tour, cleverly named after one of the band’s most popular anthems, will take the guys across Canada on a three-month nostalgic road trip.  BeatRoute caught up with keyboardist Kevin Young to discuss the who, what, when, where and why.

“We really had no idea how this would be received but so far it’s been pretty good. To step onstage with a bunch of guys that you haven’t played with for a long time there can be a feeling like ‘how does this all work,’ but honestly it hasn’t felt like that,” Young laughs. “There’s a lot of ‘remember when?’ going on when we get together now.”

Fans can expect hits from all the bands previous albums, with tracks such as “Gasoline,” “Silver,” “Push” and “Tangerine” to caress their eardrums once again.  To be serenaded by David Usher’s husky vocals, moody guitar riffs of Mark Makoway, driving bass lines from Jeff Pearce, sultry keyboarding played by Kevin Young and replacing Paul Wilcox on drums is Francis Fillon who has accompanied Usher throughout his solo career post-Moist.

“We’re gonna hit all the major tunes that we’ve released in the past,” Young explains. “We really wanted to play a bunch of tunes that we loved playing when we were touring over the years. We wanted to come out and take a sampling from all the records in a way we really hadn’t done before.”

A lot has happened in the band’s 13-year hiatus, Usher has had a successful solo career, releasing numerous albums and touring with Young, who splits his time as a freelance writer. The band has kept in touch and the idea of a reunion tour had never been off the table.

“It just seemed like the right time. In the past we didn’t want to do a few shows and call it a day we wanted to come back, play a bunch of shows and, hopefully, into next year and beyond.” He chuckles. “2013? It’s gotta be an anniversary of something.”

With five talented musicians coming together again after a number of years it’s only natural to expect a stronger, tighter sound and more than a handful of new ideas.

“I wouldn’t say we’re picking up where we left off but we’re comfortable with each other, we have a musical dialogue and a personal dialogue that’s always remained pretty strong,” Young continues. “I’d say that the band probably hasn’t sounded as good as it does these days…ever!”

Honing and nurturing their skills, maturing their tastes and experimenting with new material, “The Resurrection” can only mean the re-birth of something great.  Moist show goers can look forward to potential new songs on this tour, as well as in the future. In the meantime however, the guys are just stoked to be playing together again.

“Personally, I’m really excited! My neighbour’s really excited! It’s like going up there with family…Something about stepping onstage with people that you know have your back personally, professionally and creatively, it’s a great feeling.”

See Moist in all of their nostalgic glory December 18th at the Commodore Ballroom.

By Chrystal MacLeod

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