shah1-tAUFECT & 314 (Patrick Cure)

BeatRoute: Favourite Aufect/314 show of 2013?

Patrick Cure: There were definitely a few contenders to choose from between Addison Groove, Myrryrs, Distal and Clicks & Whistles, but my favourite show of the year was probably our last one featuring Hesk (Montreal) and Krueger (Philly). It was not just the performers of the night, but the sweaty “rave den” venue (UnderG) and the vibes everyone brought. There is something special about cramming a bunch of people into a hot, grimy after-hours spot and dancing until the sun comes up.

BR: Favourite artist of 2013?

PC: This is a tough question for sure. There were so many artists that inspired me this year, especially after taking in what the festival circuit had to offer. I am going to have to go with Om Unit on this one, mainly due to his incredible performance at Bass Coast this year. He is a DJ’s DJ, flawlessly leading you through an inter-dimensional mission of multiple BPMs and genres blended seamlessly. It doesn’t hurt that he has dished out a string of mind-blowing releases over the last six months on labels including Metalheadz and his own imprint, Cosmic Bridge.

BR: Things you’re excited about for 2014?

PC: 2014 is definitely going to be an exciting year. I have personally made a point to get out of admin mode and back into producer/artist mode over the last year, and will be releasing my first solo EP on Aufect, Hold Up, featuring remixes by Self Evident, Dan Solo and a couple others. Another big release coming out will be Philthkids’ Ordinateur featuring remixes from myself, as well as Atlanta’s Distal. You can also expect to hear Aufect experimenting with new genres and hybrid mutations we haven’t touched yet.


BR: Favourite Intimate show of 2013?

JJ: For 2013, Guy Gerber, whom we hosted at Electric Owl on Saturday, November 9th, would have to be the most memorable for Intimate Productions; not for the sold out, extremely receptive crowd, but for the surprise extended set Guy performed into the wee hours of the morning that virtually everyone stayed on till the end for.

BR: Favourite artist of 2013?

JJ: There are so many artists to choose from whom we’ve been excited for and seen rise in 2013 and even been lucky enough to host, from Maceo Plex to Seth Troxler to numerous others. But for 2013, perhaps my own favourite moment came from legends Daft Punk with their release of Random Access Memories, which, although panned by some, I think was a real tribute to the birth of electronica music.

BR: Things you’re excited about for 2014?

JJ: With a recent trip to Ibiza in the summer of 2013 meeting a slew of artists, we’re excited to debut a number of international artists in Vancouver in 2014 that are making waves throughout the globe in the electronica scene.

SHAHDJS (Willis)

BR: Favourite SHAH show of 2013?

Willis: Favourite SHAH show of 2013 musically was S.P.Y. at Red Room with Daega Sound. Daega, as always, delivers, and this was one of the first times seeing them since I found out they were playing D’n’B now, but wow, did S.P.Y. ever surpass my expectations. Looking to bring him back in 2014. As for overall hype, the Ed Rush & Optical show also at Red Room was out of control.

BR: Favourite artist of 2013?

W: Favourite artist of 2013 is tough; it’s been such a huge breakthrough year for D’n’B in general, tons of artists going deeper and really exploring some new vibes and patterns. I guess if I have to give one name it’s Om Unit, the dude absolutely owned Bass Coast for me and most people I spoke to would agree. Amit gets honourable mention, and Exit Records in general gets huge props for everything they touch.

BR: Things you’re excited about for 2014?

W: 2014 is going to be an interesting year. Drum and bass has really picked up lately with Digital Motion bringing a steady stream of big names, SHAH has stayed steady, and Blueprint and Twisted have been bringing in some big names too. In a way it was easier when it was less popular. I’m excited though, with these other shows taking care of some more mainstream stuff, SHAH’s gonna be focusing more on the deeper side of things. We’ve already started that shift working with Fractured Technique on the Abyss series featuring Loxy and dBridge so far, plus Lighta! for Om Unit, and now looking at artists like Jubei, Blu Mar Ten, Spectrasoul for the new year.

LIGHTA! (Michael Red)

BR: Favourite Lighta! show of 2013?

Michael Red: Self Evident and Max Ulis have thrown the bulk of events under the Lighta! banner this year. The Lighta! Sound x Chapel Sound takeover at Fortune was a 2013 highlight. It was just such an appropriate pairing that was inevitable and just waiting to happen, such good vibes. The May Full Moon Party at Open Studios was another big highlight; people cheering for minutes on end when the lights came on. Proper old school jungle music will do that.

BR: Favourite artist of 2013?

MR: One of the most stand-out artists of 2013 would be Kelela. Her free mixtape “Cut 4 Me” is almost flawless, and so uplifting. It feels effortless but has such strength. Being so obviously ahead of the curve while remaining accessible is admirable.

BR: Things you’re excited about for 2014?

MR: The Lighta! December 14 event @ Open Studios is a sure bet I’d think. I’ll be doing some leftfield lounge type events under the Low Indigo banner, myself. I know those Ulis have got some nice headliners they’re working on too. I’m already looking forward to the next Bass Coast and New Forms, to be honest.


BR: Favourite Blueprint show of 2013?

Matt: This is such a tough one. So many special/memorable shows! One that comes to mind is the closing party we did with our friends at the Waldorf in January. We had actually booked Groundislava & Ryan Hemsworth to play there far in advance, and when they got the news they had to shut the doors, our show just so happened to fall on their final weekend of being open. Was a bittersweet start to the year, but a great show that people still talk about. Mykki Blanco & LE1F at Celebrities were both fantastic live shows we put on as well. I’m also extremely excited about Contact Festival, which has yet to happen, but as the biggest event we’ve ever done, I’m predicting it’ll be up there as a pretty memorable one!

BR: Favourite artist of 2013?

M: As far as pure listening goes, I basically ate up everything Dev Hynes a.k.a. Blood Orange put his hands on this year. He’s an immensely talented songwriter who makes magic with other artists and also puts out insanely good material himself. Favourite song of the year is definitely UOENO by Rocko. I mean that BEAT… and FUTURE on the hook! Also a shitload of talented electronic music producers seem to have come out of nowhere in Vancouver and that is AWESOME!

BR: Things you’re excited about for 2014?

M: Expect the venue situation in Vancouver to have a nice new addition. In general terms, I’d say expect to see more diverse bookings that reflect how broad our tastes are as music lovers. We’re known for being dance music promoters, but we made big strides this year in diversifying our bookings and will continue to do so next. As far as music trends go, hopefully rap music will continue to be awesome & 100bpm is an exciting tempo that should breathe new life into club music. Also expect lots and lots of good old-fashioned HOUSE MUSIC resonating with people again!

Compiled by Andy Soloman
Photo: Courtesy of SHAHdjs / Digital Motion

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