Due Frédéric Grange and Zara Desbonnes, both born and raised in France, introduce us to a new imaginative alternative rock. As Animals begins with a heavily orchestrated, heart-wrenching symphony full of classical notes jolted into thunderous rumblings like a stampede of elephants parading through the jungle. They are devoted and have explained “when we start to play a melody, on the guitar, piano, drums or whatever, and it clicks for us, it becomes a mission. Once we start it, we have to continue until we finish, even if it takes hours, days.” Indeed, each song does have its own unique melody, but when the album collaborates the sounds mesh together and become seemingly repetitive. That being said, there is no crucial storyline you’ll miss shuffling the album. The single, “I See Ghost (Ghost Gunfighters),” has a distinct easy listening alternative rock beat that is catchy, although Desbonnes’ heavy French accent and apparent translation issues create a confusion within the lyrics.

Signed in 2012 and only just now unveiling their debut effort suggests that the amount of blood, sweat and tears gone into producing the self-titled album was ample. They have said in interviews that they did not want to rush anything and rush they definitely did not do. This emotionally potent album probably won’t top the charts this year, but is worth a listen, nonetheless.

By Paige Paquette

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