I knew enough to expect something weird from Tim Heidecker, but this album could derail even the most hardcore fan. Anyone that paid attention to Gavin Wood’s brilliantly cheesy score for Tom Goes to the Mayor will probably have an easier time understanding it. Essentially a love letter to those bands that you’ve never heard of but your parents probably drove six hours to see live, Some Things touches on disco, roots rock, blues boogies, all of it. Listening from start to finish feels a lot like listening to the classics station and amazingly, Heidecker and Wood play it straight. “Getaway Man” veers dangerously close to something Will Ferrell might sing but, other than that, this album could capably score any Class of ’79 reunion. Is that something you can handle? All of you “guilty pleasure Hall and Oates” types will keep this record under your beds — it’s really really good at being what it is. Some Things actually appealed to the Ween fan in me, particularly “Tell Her I l Love Her” and “Coming Home.” Also, it’s probably the funniest thing Heidecker has ever done. Anyone can make a joke record, but it takes real dedication to make a really good record that most people will just hate.

By John Julius

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