MOIST at Commodore Ballroom Vancouver 2013


December 18 is a date I will never forget. I found myself surrounded by my peeps, a bunch of like-minded, middle-aged sexy hot women gathered for the second coming of Christ himself on the Resurrection tour. Back with the same band lineup since their hiatus in 2001, Moist didn’t miss a beat. Bassist Jeff Pearce, keyboardist Kevin Young, guitarist Mark Makoway and singer David Usher haven’t aged a day either. They were spry, energetic, powerful and an eyeful. David could pass for 20 in his white tennis shoes. How the hell does he do it? Asian gene magic? Healthy living? Sold his soul? Maybe. No. He has come to save us.

MOIST at Commodore Ballroom Vancouver 2013There were so many highlights to the show: “Silver,” “Push,” “Gasoline,” “Resurrection” (and from his solo work, “Black Black Heart”), and the screaming of a thousand frenzied felines. They played for over two hours and David’s voice was incredible (from soft and storytelling to monstrous) and his movements were captivating. He moved his head in a certain way when he sang. Typically, the common person moves his jaw downward when singing while the upper part of his face stays in the same space. David does the opposite: he moves his upper face while his jaw stays in the same place. Try this at home — it’s very hard. (It’s how South Park depicts Canadians on their show.) But this is one of the reasons why he is so captivating: it’s his alien moves, his alien good looks, combined with his amazing vocal dexterity and beautiful lyrics. This guy has more star power, pull, talent, and looks than the three Js: Justin Trudeau, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake. He’s got more loyal fans with Canadian money and power than … I’m just saying that he could run for office and tell everyone in Parliament they’ve got a “black black heart and [you] expected more than this [from them]. More than this. More than this.”    

I did get backstage (thanks to my partner in this guilty pleasure, Craig McKimm — former drummer who left in 1993 before they broke big and sold over a million albums, kinda like a Pete Best) and met David. I remembered my name and managed to blurt out how great, beautiful and awesome he is… gahhh… so embarrassed …but what can I say? I’m a gusher for David Usher!

By Tanya the X Catholic
Photos by Tiina Liimu

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