If the Spree Killers were required to submit urine samples to test for performance enhancing drugs, not only would it come up positive, but traces of vinegar would also be found. In particular, vocalist Fanni Adams’ screeching diesel style defines the piss-and-vinegar attitude. An explosive and snotty over-the-top delivery like hers will either send people heading for the hills or cause seizures of reckless destruction. She rants and raves like a vile hawk at feeding time. Underneath it all is a thick pulse-driving punk rock drubbing of the senses provided by tasty guitar slides and three-chord raucousness. With song subjects that include such themes as necrophilia, inappropriate beer-spillage and not giving a rat’s ass, Spree Killers’ self-titled release may well be your soundtrack to an eviction party gone dreadfully wrong. It’s fun, dangerous and unhinged. Stand-out tracks include “Dead Girls,” “Don’t Need This (featuring Ron Reyes),” “Willy” and “Sick Society.”  Enjoy, because I did.

By Heath Fenton

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