At the risk of offending the faithful, I don’t care about baseball. Or professional sports at all. While I can appreciate beer and stadium hot dogs as much as the next guy, as soon as someone starts talking trades, batting averages or anything else resembling math, I tune out.

So, it’s with no trace of irony that I can say that I love every song on the Isotopes’ The First Four Seasons, a compilation of all their out-of-print 7”s. I also promised myself that I wouldn’t make any baseball puns once this review was pitched to me. There are 16 great tracks here, all themed around America’s National Pastime, references to which are completely lost to me, but I sing along nonetheless. Another way to position the Isotopes would be to consider the entire stable of Lookout! Records (RIP) forming a baseball team over beers.

The First Four Seasons is a wonderful introduction to Vancouver’s the Isotopes and I’m happy to add it to my collection. Now, can someone please tell me who the fuck Reynaldo Ordóñez is?

By Spencer Brown

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