With In Rolling Waves, we are taken on a melodramatic journey from the New Zealand post-punkers’ youthful first album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, into a silky new electro-pop-meets-alternative-rock diary of a lost soul. They grow past labels, producing flowing acoustic harmonies throughout and creating, once again, a new sound loaded with different genres. Their 2010 debut topped the charts with album singles generating millions of views on Vevo and YouTube. This might make for a hard show to follow, but The Naked and Famous prove to be not only one of the most talked-about bands, but demand to be talked about again. The freshly different sounds on In Rolling Waves range from darkly upbeat to soothingly mellow. This is an album that has an easily listenable, danceable beat from start to finish.

There are some songs you could mistake as being heard already, which leads to slight disappointment, but the lyrics will stick with you as though you are reading a novel you just can’t put down. In Rolling Waves will echo through your speakers, leaving you wanting more and more of the troubled story. The use of male and female vocals throughout creates an iPod-shuffle experience while still maintaining their distinct tone. Climb aboard this magical mixture of then and now and enter the future, because this won’t be the last we hear from the Naked and Famous.

By Paige Paquette

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