Thorsten Nesch


The tome-like lo-fi blues release from this Canadian expat residing in Germany is in a word, aurally amusing. Well, that is two, but that’s because it’s important to remember that “amusing” is not a designation of condescension but acknowledgement of the significance of enjoying sounds – and places – you might not otherwise pay attention to. This homage to “fast growing young towns of a million” is set at a locale called The Paris, said by Nesch to be representative of cheap apartment buildings characteristic of twentieth century European living. The spoken love confessions and faint ocean waves on opener “The First 2 Days” are stripped-down, but not bare. Consider them an artful interpretive stance on the way your foot falls as you step out your door on the way to the airport – or the deli two streets over. Affected strings on midway cut “philosophers” remind us that the journey you are to embark on may very well be right where you are. Free-verse postcards to local bars and a cheap haircut enshroud the quotidian in a halo of proletarian Albertan divinity. Yes, it is lengthy and might bore those without a palate for spoken word or musical theatre. But Paris, Calgary is absolutely lovely.

By Andrea Rojas

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